About this Site

Dear Visitor,

On a weekly basis I have the pleasure of meeting lots of different companies and people all across Europe. I have a unique vantage point in working with these organisations seeing different ways of conducting business, business processes, organisational structures, cultural practices and so on. I have developed an appreciation and opinion around what traits i continue to see in successful organisations. Equally, I see common hurdles that many organisations are struggling to cope with.

Through this blog I want to share some of my insights and thoughts based on my wide consulting experience. Some posts will highlight the role of business systems within organisations, other posts will consider business themes and topics more holistically.

I enjoy working with businesses looking to scale, grow and develop. I have had the pleasure of working with some internationally recognised brands alongside privately held family organisations, giving me a broad perspective on organisational challenges.

I trust that you will find the content of this site informative and useful. Should you wish to get in touch, please use the contact me page. I would be delighted to receive your enquiry/ comment or question.

Kind regards,

Tom Curtress