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The Importance of Investing in Technology for Operationally Geared Businesses

Market and industry awareness coupled with experience is invaluable in operationally geared businesses; especially those that are subject to cyclical or seasonal revenue flows. Whilst this will give a good insight into external factors, data and the quantification of performance or trends remains the nadir of prudent decision making. The time delay between calendar month end and senior management receiving reliable performance data is an uncomfortably common scenario. Compound this with an operationally geared business and the data, and decisions made as a result, might seriously lag the actual performance of the organisation. Risk in this scenario is exacerbated where profits are under pressure due to high operational gearing.

ERP – ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None?’ How to Save Time and Avoid Unrealistic Expectations when Selecting ERP Systems

Abstract: On a weekly basis I meet with businesses looking to purchase ERP software, many of whom are looking to consolidate a fragmented system landscape. Software constraints aside, many rightly identify the ‘nirvana’ of having a single system to manage all processes. However, I see many businesses, often the smaller and medium enterprises, having unrealistic expectations of their requirements. As...

In today’s competitive business environment, how do you purchase an ERP system for the unforeseen requirements of tomorrow?

Abstract On a weekly basis I meet and engage with businesses making ERP selections. Many take a far too narrow view of their current requirements, with the selection triggered often by reactive factors, such as unmanageable paper/ excel based processes or unplanned increases in support function headcount. Most fail to attribute sufficient value to product breadth and flexibility beyond immediate...